New Idea

In effort to blog more often, I am going to begin blogging daily about what I am cooking or where I am eating that day…. let’s see how it goes.

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Breakfast – Coffee and my homemade peanut butter biscotti. (I used Joy the Baker’s recipe.)

Lunch- Basic salad. Romaine lettuce, celery, mushrooms, broccoli, cucumber, american cheese, salad topping mix and a hard boiled egg. I used the fantastic mix of ranch and french to top it off. Oh. And home-made crutons. (Made with my favorite, Madison Sourdough Bread Company’s Country bread. Heaven.)

Dinner-  I have been slow roasting pork all day for the perfect carnitas. I’m also trying an avocado-cilantro salsa I am hoping tops them off perfectly. For dessert it’s special K treats. (recipe to follow)

One of my besties is coming over to watch 90210. (Yes, I said 90210.) A friend and I started with the first season 3 years ago. Every week we alternate one another’s house and cook for each other. And watch a sitcom about Beverly Hills teenage drama… we’re pretty into it. And not ashamed at all.


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