Hard-boiled Egg Simplicity

They sell hard-boiled eggs at my workplace for $1.59.

For two eggs.

It’s highway robbery. The only real benefit is that they are peeled for you. Aside from that you are spending your hard earned dollar (almost two) and only receiving two of those hard boiled dandies for the price of 12. I’m seriously considering making a dozen a day and selling them for $1.00. Maybe even have some people join me and start a ponzi scheme of my own.

ok. ok. I’ve gone too far.

It might seem obvious that I have made a conscious decision to just say no to these pricey eggs but my colleagues have not. In an effort spread the word about how unbelievably simple it is to hardboil and egg or a dozen, I give you…

Hard-boiled Egg Simplicity

(just for Krystal & Denise)

By the way, these are eggs straight from my sisters farm. She kindly gave me 18 of these beauties!


Eggs (I hard boil a dozen at a time.)


Large pot


1. Place the eggs in the large pot.

2. Fill with water until the eggs are slightly covered.

3. Bring the water and eggs to a boil.

4. Boil for 10 mintues.

5. Remove from heat and let the water come to room temperature.


Hence, the short post.


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